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Waiting for the World

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Thu, February 10, 2011 23:16:05

I daydream a lot these days... Sometimes I fall asleep, but I do try to stay awake in order to fully savour and consciously steer the direction of my thoughts. The measure of my enjoyment of daydreaming (and being awake, come to think of it) is partly related to the intensity of my desire to experience whatever it is I’m musing upon – and also to the amount of time I have been waiting for that experience to be consummated in the physical. It’s strange to be ‘ahead of time’ in this way... I often feel as if I’m waiting for the world to catch up as I co-create (for there are always other parties involved, as the process is a synergistic one). Actually, it already exists in an energetic form – and though it’s just more subtle and therefore less apparent, I can feel it. The transition to thought being manifest in the material world can take quite some Gregorian time.

This is powerful magic not to be taken lightly. Intention is the key – for you already know, and what you know becomes so. Daydreaming is one way we can all access this ‘knowing’.

In reverie, I can send supportive energy to myself ahead of time (and probably the other way around as well, thinking about it). This practice sets up a constructive energetic network, so that when I find myself ‘there’ I am already well prepared both mentally and emotionally to handle certain situations. Sometimes other people offer unexpected assistance, as if written into my own personal screenplay by an invisible hand to aid the process, without either of us planning it. In a way, life will always be a dance of the conscious and unconscious; a play of light and shadow, for there are things you can never know and these too become so.

~ Karen

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