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Break on Through

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Sun, March 06, 2011 00:50:51

For ages now, I seem to have been investing my time and energy in doing things to make things happen. This has been very productive and I’ve achieved a lot... two books (a third on the way), three ARC Conventions, and new songs. I’ve also ended a marriage that wasn’t working, moved house, and even (briefly) became the editor of a magazine and then left that, too. Everything has been an intense process of coming to be and passing away, which I suppose is what life IS.

It’s like I’ve said before, “I just want things to HAPPEN”. That feeling of ‘waiting for the world to catch up’ has been strong in me for a while now (you can call it impatience, if you will) and, this week, it reached its peak – or, rather, depths. I landed with a heavy thud. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

This morning I read an energy forecast blog for this March by Lee Harris, entitled ‘Triumph Born of Surrender’, and it all makes total sense, how I’ve been feeling. I realised that there’s no more waiting – it’s already here. I can tangibly feel it. And I am open to receive – to metaphorically ‘harvest the crop I have planted’ on many levels in my life... spiritually, emotionally, physically.

I now have a rekindled sense of anticipation in me – that anything and everything (and more) is always possible at any given moment. It will find me, but I'm not waiting.

~ Karen

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