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So Real

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Sat, April 30, 2011 17:59:49

Our idea of what constitutes ‘a relationship’ is defined as the physical interaction we share with another; an emotional and sexual association between two people. We do not seem to recognise or value the fact that relationships are connections – the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected. This does not require physical proximity.

The ‘relationship blueprint’ that has been constructed by Western society insists that if you feel a certain way towards someone then it must be like this’ to mean anything. “Hi. I’d like to introduce you to my ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______ ” [fill in the blank space however you see fit choosing one of the following categories: friend, lover, wife, son, etc.] If it isn’t ‘like that’ – if it is not a ‘proper relationship’ that is socially recognised – then it’s automatically disregarded as being somehow ‘less than’, which hurts you because, deep down, you know different. And you’ll use this as another tool to bash yourself over the head with... another excuse to devalue your Self. Yet, just because the label isn’t there, does not mean that the relationship is absent. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the connection is more profound (and mysterious).

What we recognise as ‘unrequited love’, for instance, in actuality does not even exist. If you’re feeling the pull of attraction towards someone, then there’s a connection alright. Does it require both people to recognise it? Well... if someone ignores the fact that the sky is blue, would it make it less so? No – because it is what it is regardless. In a sense, there is nothing you can do about it. You can resist it, and that’s absolutely your choice, but that won’t make it any less real.

Nevertheless, if it ain’t happening on the physical, that don’t mean it ain’t happening at all. All relationships exist on more than one layer of being. I know this to be true through my dreams, and I’m not daft enough to ignore the fact that things can take shape in this dimension in very different ways. My task is to honour the different expression that reveals itself through all layers. By doing so, I sense that I’m drawing up the plans for something unique.

~ Karen

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