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The Sun is Feminine

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Tue, June 07, 2011 22:09:20

Ever since the sun emerged radiant this Beltane, I’ve been addressing it on my daily morning dog walks with arms held out: “Sun – you who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the whole world, illuminate my heart that it, too, may do your work.” I do not speak to the sun as an external force separate from me, but as the part of myself that shines. I remember Peter Taylor at the 2nd ARC Convention discussion panel last August saying, “What if WE are powering the sun?” (or words to that effect), and I laughed, just because it made complete sense...

I didn’t think any more about it until my recent return from the Sunrise Celebration festival in Somerset (2nd – 5th June), when I was tagged in a Facebook post about the off-the-charts prolific EMV (electro-magnetic vehicles) activity around the sun during this time.

For more information about EMVs CLICK HERE

Anyway - this synchronistically coincided with the festival and also my birthday, as I was given the new Kate Bush “Director’s Cut” CD which has a track on it that begins with one of the oldest mantric prayers known on the planet, called the Gayatri:

Thou who givest sustenance to the universe,

From whom all things proceed,

To whom all things return,

Unveil to me the face of the true spiritual sun

Hidden by a disc of golden light

That I may know the Truth

And do my whole duty

As I journey to thy sacred seat.

But what I didn't know (until now) is that: ‘Gayatri is the feminine form of gāyatra, a Sanskrit word for a song or a hymn. Ga means ‘to sing’ and Yatri means ‘Protection’. Gayatri is a consort of Brahma and the goddess of learning. The goddess Gāyatrī is considered the Veda Mata – the mother of all Vedas – and also the personification of the all-pervading Parabrahman; the ultimate unchanging reality that lies behind all phenomena. Gayatri has three phases and so it is called tripada.’ (Wikipedia)

Hang on a minute! Isn’t the sun supposed to be a masculine deity?! Apparently not. It’s only with the rise of monotheism and patriarchy that the sun, being regarded as the ‘most-powerful’, became a he-God. Language and mythology reveal a different story... The very word ‘sun’ comes from the name of the Scandinavian Sun Goddess Sunna or Sunnu. In Old English (when English had grammatical gender), ‘sun’ was feminine and ‘moon’ masculine, as it still is today in German (it's referred to affectionately as ‘Frau Sonne’ – ‘Mrs. Sun’). In Norse mythology, Sól is a Goddess, and in Celtic lore She is celebrated as Brigid, Olwen (Welsh, meaning ‘golden wheel’), Adsullata (who came from Brittany from Gaul and is also Goddess of hot springs), Aimend (minor Sun Goddess of Ireland and Scotland), Cessair (Irish Goddess associated with the rising sun and the cauldron), Eibhir (Ireland, Manx) and Aine (Irish)...

Then there’s Aditi (Hindu Sun Goddess from India), Akycha(Alaska), Amaterasu (Japan), Beiwe (Sámi Goddess of Lapland), Bila (cannibal Aboriginal Goddess who provided light for the world by cooking her victims over a giant flame), Pattini (Sri Lanka), Saule (Lithuanian), Shapash (Phoenician), Solntse (Slavic), Uelanuhi (Cherokee), Wurusemu (Ancient Hittite sun Goddess, also known as Arinna), Xatel-Ekwa (Hungary)... and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

Ancient solar teachings have been passed down through the generations. Like Chinese whispers, their true meaning innocently changed then gradually adopted and distorted into male deities by the solar cults and religions of the world, and secret societies such as the Illuminati. Sun symbolism can be found everywhere in both the ancient and modern world and no-one gives it a second glance. It has become ordinary; commonplace.

The manipulation of this ancient knowledge is, in itself, a huge area of fascinating study - but has anyone stopped to ask WHY this spiritual solar circus has existed for so many thousands of years? What’s it all about? There surely has to be a damn good reason to go to so much trouble? Don’t you want to know what the secret of the sun is?! My guess is that at the heart of it all there lies a deeply sacred Truth that you won’t find in books or on the internet. It is within.

... and I intend to discover what that is.

~ Karen

... write it just for me and sign it with a kiss.


P.S: This report has since come to my attention (from NASA)

The Sun unleashed an M-2 (medium-sized) solar flare, an S1-class (minor) radiation storm and a spectacular coronal mass ejection (CME) on June 7, 2011 from sunspot complex 1226-1227. The large cloud of particles mushroomed up and fell back down looking as if it covered an area of almost half the solar surface.

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