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Into my Bliss

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Thu, August 04, 2011 03:31:17

Every day, I am dropping deeper and deeper into my bliss. Love has triggered this opening of my heart. I feel a heightened sensitivity to the world around me where everything is profoundly interconnected. (Yes, yes... I know I sound like a total hippy.)

Everything that did not work for me has either left my life entirely or is in the process of changing. Some of these things – emotional, mental and spiritual – I was already aware of. The physical things, like my landlord out of the blue deciding to install a new stove (symbolically the ‘heart’ of the home) and the following day, the sewage removal from the sesspit in my garden (the literal removal of shit from my life) are welcome manifestations of some of these changes that show me I must be doing something right.

What I have learned is to TRUST myself... let go instead of trying to control things and go with that flow. Be open, especially when it’s painful because that’s when we often shut down completely and, before we know it, we are continually in ‘defence-mode’ by default – then you may just as well be wearing a big sign on your back saying “KICK ME” (or worse).

When a rose unfurls its delicate petals, it naturally lifts its face to the sun... and the wind... and rain. It’s natural to grow – to open and hold your head high; to stand proud in grace and beauty and fearlessly weather what comes. There is strength in being a rose (Eros).

~ Karen

All flowers, in time, bend towards the sun.

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