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Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Tue, February 21, 2012 20:27:38

It's worth taking that risk. Hence, ARC is still taking place on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th March...

to find out all about it and to book your tickets, visit:

I'm looking forward to it even more so...

Be seeing you!

Karen :-)

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Posted by Paulo Fri, February 24, 2012 13:42:22

Hi Karen, last poster is just slightly further up the road from me.

I'm currently in Aberdeen and while this was supposed to be my 'first' ARC, other events unfortunately have taken president ie: relationship ending with current partner. I wish you all well with the event and am grateful for such courageous spirits like yourself who take the leap off of the jetty. I hope that the universe is kind to you and the event. P

Posted by Ian T (palegreenvortex) Tue, February 21, 2012 21:27:25

Hi Karen

I'm very pleased that you have decided that you can go ahead with ARC2012. There is a point where courage and jumping into the unknown becomes sheer stupidity - but generally speaking, the path of courage is the one to follow, isn't it?

I suppose the thing is that the path that folk like you and me are taking is not an easy one. Once we jump out of the career-and-mortgage loop, there's nobody on the BBC or in the papers or at the Job centre to tell us what to do. And it's not as if it's really a choice. It's not so-much 'I wouldn't have it any other way' as 'I couldn't have it any other way.' As Neil Kramer said in an interview I listened to recently, in some people there is an impulse to explore consciousness, follow the sacred path, or however you want to put it. It's there in the psyche, as much a necessity as eating lunch or breathing in and out....

Sadly, I really don't think I can get down to this ARC meeting. From Inverness to Bath is quite a trek - I have made four forays south of the border over the past two years - two of them to the ARC! But they were such fantastic events, with a real sense of pioneering. I shall badger one or two folk I know nearer to Bath to get off their a***s and be inspired for the weekend. In the meantime, may the goddesses and gods smile upon you and ARC2012.

Best wishes

Ian T