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The Alchemy of Consciousness

Daily muse...Posted by Karen Sawyer Mon, October 15, 2012 13:07:52

You know in my "red dress" introduction to the 3rd ARC, when I talked about masculine and feminine energy, and how women have been given the privilege to wear the trousers but the men still can't wear the skirts... so nothing's really changed?

Women can be very masculine in their way of going about things, just as men can be very feminine... so it's really not about gender at all, but an alchemical balance of these polarities within an individual.

Coming into my feminine energy as a woman in the "alternative research community" has thus far been an interesting journey, definitely. I feel that I have certainly been, at times, misunderstood. I've been judged, patronised, been intimidated to the point of tears and completely ignored... NOT the sort of behaviour I would expect from those with integrity.

I've learned that even though an individual may know a lot of things and have much to say and contribute to the world, they are still fallible human beings because, like everyone else, they view the world through their own unique filter. We all have a different idea of the world and what it's all about. Whether you resonate with someone else or not should be a PERSONAL CHOICE. And it is not my job, your job, or anyone else's to be the "Guage of Truth" on what another person has to teach.

Develop belief in your SELF, because YOU KNOW if you listen to your intuition what and who is right FOR YOU. The more we look to ourselves, the more conscious we become.

Developing consciousness is my only aim right now.

~ Karen :-)

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Posted by Ian T Fri, October 19, 2012 17:52:55

Hi Karen

Pleased to see you writing something on your blog again: I have found some of your previous offerings stimulating and refreshing.

I was one of the folk who couldn't get to ARC4, but nevertheless encouraged you to go ahead with it, for better or worse. I don't know what transpired since then. Sorry to read that you have not been treated with respect or whatever by various beings in the so-called alternative research community. Unfortunately, being part of that web does not give an automatic passport to real wisdom and emotional insight. A quick look at a few of the comment sections to some researchers' websites reveals folk as mired in dogma and ill will as anything the mainstream media can come up with.

New format ARC sounds like a fine idea. And, yes, yes: consciousness is primary!!

All the best, Ian T (Inverness and Pale Green Vortex)